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T's & C's

The Boring Bits

Please take a minute to read my Terms & Conditions Below Thank You


It takes around 15 minutes for a full chemical service consultation and skin test

Colour consultations cost £20 which is deducted from the bill. Should you decide not to proceed or be unable to due to a hair or skin test then the £20 consultation will not be refunded.


All prices are correct as of 1st June 2020.

For longer or thicker hair, an additional fee may incur and you will be advised accordingly prior to your service taking place.

Work area & equipment

I prefer to work in the kitchen and a well lit area. Please ensure that there is an adequate clutter free space left in the kitchen for me to work from, bearing in mind I use chemicals that could potentially damage carpets and furniture the kitchen, (not lounge or bedroom) is the area I choose to work, I provide the necessary surface coverings. I provide my own towels, shampoo and conditioner.

Prior to my visit please ensure that your hair is clean and free from product (unless otherwise advised) this works best if you are having your hair coloured.

Cancellation Policy

Feel free to cancel any appointment up to 48 hours prior, please consider as my diary mainly consists of Chemical work I generally book out 4 hours for each client, this is to max the client care and allow time for overruns etc, unlike a salon which will book in clients around your appointment time in 30 mins slots, I allow all clients my full attention for the time allocated, therefore should you cancel after the 48 hour notice period I reserve the right to charge 50% of the quoted cost.


Feel free to have a smoke well before I arrive, but please not while I am visiting. It is important that I, my gowns and bags do not carry the smell of smoke into the next clients home. Thank you



I love animals and would hate any pets to be harmed whilst I am working and therefore cannot accept responsibility for such. Please kept out of the room where possible.


For the safety of everyone and to comply with my insurance small children will need to be looked after, therefore please kindly consider this when booking I cannot be held responsible for any accidents if the children are not cared for by a third party.


Being mobile my bags are plentiful and very heavy therefore please advise if you have no parking or a permit is needed.

If parking permits are needed to park in your area please provide me with one and advise prior to my visit..