Brazilian Keratin, Japanese Treatment or Relaxer?

Confused?? They are not all created equal? Which one should you use?

Keratin treatments, the salon treatment that promises silky straight hair have long come with major health concerns. Keep reading if you really want to understand how this product works and what makes it unique compared to other products claiming the same.

If you have curly or frizzy hair it can be a constant challenge and generally ends up with the constant abuse of heat, which only compound's the issue, creating a vicious circle for the client. The more heat that used on the hair the worse the hair becomes and before you know it you're left with frazzled locks and split ends.

In comes the Brazilian Keratin Treatment the answer to all your problems, but where do you start with so many products on the market?

Keratin is a vitally important when maintaining strong and healthy hair, a regular dose of protein helps protect and strengthen the hair which in return helps the hair grow

So what actually is Keratin? Its a structural protein found in our hair, skin, and nails. It's also commonly found in styling products to help strengthen hair—but the term keratin treatment is actually a misnomer. Keratin treatments are a semi-permanent hair straightening treatment that smooth and adds shine to frizzy hair. How the treatments work is not through the use of keratin, though. despite the name!

To make hair smoother and straighter, I like to use a formaldehyde free and much safer version that is commonly used in salons. A solution containing the much safer glyoxylic acid is worked through the hair to reshape the bonds and reseal them in a straighter position. The solution is then blow-dried and sealed with a flat iron, and the results can last anywhere from three to six months.

Most treatments can take 3 hours, with some solutions having to remain on the clients' hair for up to 3 days! The Treatment I prefer to use allows the client to wash off the solution after only 6 hours, the application is quicker, more efficient for both stylist and client and very effective, providing the same long lasting results from 3 to 6 months.

The overall long term results are well worth it, once you treat yourself to keratin, you will save time and money, your hair will grow better, be in better condition and you will not have to use heat on a daily basis to keep your locks smooth.

keratin treatments work well on most hair types and is highly recommended for anyone who wants to cut out blow-drying or straightening their hair on a regular basis, reduce frizz, or boost shine.

Can the treatment be used For curly hair? Yes is the answer! in particular, it will completely smooth out frizz and add more shine. Curly hair reflects light less easily than straight hair, so you'll notice more shine after your keratin treatment.

Keratin is also great to use after a colour, it will help keep freshly-colored hair vibrant. Always talk to your stylist and colourist about about getting your color refreshed right before your keratin treatment. The treatment seals in the color, making it last longer and appear brighter.

Is Keratin The Same as A Japanese Treatment Or Relaxer?

This question is always asked? While it is similar to other hair straightening treatments, keratin treatments are still distinctively different. Keratin treatments are a less harsh option to other straightening treatments like relaxers. Keratin is great for those who have frizzy hair and want long-term straight and smooth hair.

The chemicals used in keratin are a little less harmful than those found with other straightening treatments, like a relaxing treatment, which are very harsh.

Japanese hair treatments and traditional relaxers permanently break your hair's bonds using ammonium thioglycolate and sodium hydroxide, it does make the effect more effective on curly hair BUT also more damaging, the other issue is the re growth, the growing out phase will also be more intense than with a keratin treatments, with keratin your hair naturally forms back to its original structure as the keratin wears away, however with Japanese Treatment or a Relaxer your hair will be left permanently straight and from a line of demarkation when your natural texture grows back in. Leaving the client with no other option than to keep permanently treating the hair, which over the long term can cause breakage.

Isn't Formaldehyde Dangerous I hear you ask? And Why I chose the Formaldehyde free option.

For the majority of us, we have no clue what formaldehyde is? We know it sounds dangerous and that's about it. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) defines it as a colourless, strong-smelling gas usually used to make building materials, household products like glue and fiberboard, and used as a preservative when dissolved in water. Unfortunately many salons use keratin that contain formaldehyde


This poses potential risk not only to you—but also the salon technicians who preform the treatments over and over again in enclosed spaces. The CDC lists common side effects to formaldehyde exposure include sore throat, nose bleeds, and scratchy eyes. In 1987, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classified it as a substance that could potentially cause cancer if exposed for a long period of time. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also warns about potential health hazards for those exposed to it and notes that formulas and products that claim they're natural, organic, or formaldehyde-free may not be entirely true. The FDA encourages people to always read the label, ask hair professionals for an ingredient list, and to report any and all bad reactions.

Can Keratin damage damage your hair over time? There is a potential risk as with any hair product, because these treatments require high-heat to lock your hair into place, I wouldn't recommend it for those with super-fine or damaged hair. If you're looking for a less-damaging, truly formaldehyde-free treatment, ask your salon or stylist if they use a treatment containing glyoxylic acid instead. They don't straighten hair as dramatically (they're more for boosting shine and fighting frizz), but they're also a lot safer.

How Long can I expect my Keratin Treatment Last?

In order to maintain your treatment for as long as possible you will need to use a sulfate-free shampoo when washing your hair.

Use a silk or satin scarf (or pillowcase) to keep the moisture locked in your hair as the treatment can cause your hair to dry out faster. The treatment can lasts between 3 to 6 months.

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