Can Covid19 live on your hair? What the hair is going on with the COVID-19 coronavirus?

Apparently as the dreaded Covid19 can live on fabric and other porous services, it has to be considered, Can it live on your hair?

A study published inThe Lancet shown that this new coronavirus can stay on fabric for up to a day and on stainless steel and plastic for up to four days. We've all seen how the medical professionals ensure to cover their hair when adorning their PPE? Currently June 2020 there appear to be no studies showing the Coronavirus on hair apart from that of a cat?

What if your hair does come too close to someone who could be contagious or contact an object that may be contaminated, certainly don’t spray your hair with hand sanitizer or disinfectants. To be safe try to wash your hair asap, and, in the meantime, try to avoid touching your hair until you can wash it properly with shampoo. Touching contaminated hair and then touching your face could transfer the virus to your face, which no one besides the virus want. Like you do with your hands, wash your hair thoroughly and long enough. I am not suggesting that you start to wash your hair as often as your hands! Although you could take to wearing a baseball cap or alternative head covering when out and about? A hat being a great way to hide the bad hair we're all currently sporting.

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