Get Ready to Party Post Lockdown Hair Trends 2021

With lockdown fading, the vibe is all about catching up with friends and finally being able to go out. since returning to work, client's have been wanting something new and exciting, maybe its all those months of hair being scrapped back into a messy bun, maybe its the fact most of us hadn't actually had a good look at our natural hair colour for so long we didn't even know what colour we actually were!

Whatever it is, the hair and beauty industry has been busy, whether its putting right those dreaded box colours, for those who couldn't bare looking at the sizable roots and ended u[p grabbing the dreaded supermarket box dye, (You are forgiven). Or those of you who just nibbled your fringes with the kitchen scissors, we have now put your right.

What's new? well the Long Bang Trend IS here and yes somehow we've finally adopted the USA term Bang instead or fringe? Personally I really like this revival, whether or not we will go completely 1970's is yet to be seen.

Balayage is still in, still busy with this colour and its not going away, Foilayage is here to stay. For those that had opted for this colour technique pre lockdown, they were the winners, as they soon realized this method is truly low maintenance, their hair still look fine. People are truly embracing the low maintenance method of hair colour, there's also a trend of keeping their hair closer to their, natural colour, now that they've seen it! Resulting in the trend of a Soft Balayage technique.

I’m starting to see a lot of women learning to embrace the grey and steering away from drastic changes, I would say that it's just as important to look after the quality of silver hair. You need to try and remove any yellow or orange tones that can find their way in especially when growing out colour.

Using a gloss between washing and conditioning is perfect for this.

My breaking-brass gloss will help keep a cool tone, but you can also use purple shampoos.

All in all we are back and happy to be serving our clients again, long may it last.


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