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The aim is to explain how by working together we minimize contact between all those involved, protecting ourselves and our families (particularly challenging for a hairdresser! ). We have to ensure key and necessary hygiene habits are in place and maintained until further notice. Unfortunately due to the unknown nature of Covid 19 guidlines are subject to change without notice. I hope that this Info will provide you with some comfort and confidence and I thank you in advance for your compliance. Whilst I recognise not everyone will take the issue of Covid19 as serious as others, I ask you all to recognise the part that I play and you consider helping me in ensuring I do not spread Covid19.

Should you feel uncomfortable with my measures and not wish to comply I understand and your appointment will have to be cancelled at this time.

At this time I will only be visiting 2 homes per day and will follow the following protocol………... 

On arrival at your home

Greetings sadly will be verbal no hugging or handshaking.

I will ask you (the client) to open all doors/moving of chairs etc. 

In order to ensure that I limit the amount of contact, I will be asking all clients to wash off their own colour and wash hair in preparation for cutting.

We will be washing our hands a LOT  (around 20-30 seconds). Hand sanitisation will be encouraged regularly. I will have a sanitiser readily available at all times. 

My bags and jacket that are not needed will be left by the entrance when I arrive (or in my car weather depending).

Kindly note each appointment time will be extended to allow me to ensure correct sterilization of tools etc .

All equipment will need to be sterilized before and after your appointment, please factor this into your diary when making a booking. Unfortunately life is going to be a little bit slower for a while!

A clean gown & towels will be provided (nothing new there!) for clients which must be worn throughout the treatment. This will be immediately placed in a sealed bag after each service.   

I will wear PPE (as advised by the government and Hair Federation). I will ask that all clients wear face masks. (these can be provided if you do not have your own).

Face protectors will be provided to clients needing their fringe trimmed, these can be worn once and disposed of.

All clients will be required to complete document. Asking you to confirm that you have no symptoms of Covid19 etc, (which will be sent via email on confirmation of appointment) this will need to be handed to me on arrival.

19 October 2020